VectaStar platform introduction

VectaStar platform introduction

Is the market-leading licensed point-to-multipoint microwave platform.

Deployed in over 50 countries, VectaStar is proven across the globe for backhaul, small cell backhaul, enterprise access and ISP networks.

Offering up to 1.2Gbps to a site, up to 28km range and cost savings of up to 50% – the VectaStar platform offers a leading business case for operators to transform capacity and profitability.

With a 15-year track record of successful references, including for seven of the world’s largest operators, VectaStar provides a level of innovation and field-proven quality unmatched by other vendors.


VectaStar platform highlights

The VectaStar suite of products is made up from the VectaStar ODU-S, VectaStar 600, VectaStar Metro and VectaStar 1200 products.

The product portfolio share the same market leading technology which is summarised in the following table.

  Features Benefits

o    50 per cent CAPEX savings

o    50 per cent OPEX savings

o    50 per cent TCO savings.

  • Create a leading business case to invest in new and upgraded networks
  • Accelerate return on investment when connecting new sites
  • Maintain revenues across the network lifecycle.
Deployment and scalability
  • Sector coverage
  • Almost half the radios compared to point-to-point
  • Unique zero indoor footprint covering both access points and remote terminals.
  • Deploy networks in almost half the time of PTP
  • Achieve a fast time to market
  • No indoor hub equipment enables quick deployment
  • Connect new sites quickly by a single installation team, without a visit to the hub site or the need of additional spectrum
  • Reduce network power consumption and environmental impact.
  • VectaStar Configuration App performs configuration and optimises RT alignment.
  • Reduces technical requirements and time to install new sites.
  • 1.2Gbps per sector and per link, up to 14.4Gbps per hub site
  • Software defined capacity provisioning.
  • Deploy capacity which can handle the most data dominated networks with headroom to scale for future requirements
  • Create custom Quality of Service profiles for each site. This provides the ability to define tiered services for enterprise access customers, including dedicated bandwidth.
Latency and synchronisation
  • <1ms round-trip latency
  • SyncE 1588.
  • Critical for LTE services.
  • 40W typical.
Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Utilises licensed spectrum.
  • Provide guaranteed QoS to users and carrier grade services to enterprises
  • Supports eight levels of QoS.
  • 10.5GHz: up to 28.6km at 99.99% (typical)
  • 26-28GHz: up to 5.8km at 99.99% (typical)
  • 31GHz: up to 6.4km at 99.99% (typical)
  • 39GHz: up to 4.8km at 99.99% (typical)
  • Deploy a variety of flexible network solutions, ranging from targeted high capacity to wide area coverage.
Spectral efficiency
Network lifecycle software
  • VectaStar Network Management System
  • VectaStar Lifecycle Tool – combines traditional RF planning, real time NMS data and Google Maps to plan, audit and optimise networks.
  • Deploy networks faster and maintain optimum performance
  • Perform accurate auditing
  • Continuously optimise and increase profitability.



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